Collaboration with Aus Design on UberSustainable T-shirt design concepts
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Soon after Rana Plaza collapsed, I started developing a proof-of-concept social business with Muhammad Yunus to promote a new program that could¬†revolutionize the Garment Industry. It’s called the Happy Worker Program and every company that participates is committing to exploitation-free production. My proof of concept product is a t-shirt.¬†But not just any t-shirt. The shirt I’m using was designed by Reet Aus of Aus Design and is made at Beximco, a leading factory in Bangladesh, entirely out of textiles leftovers.

So it is 100% upcycled waste – and man, is it the coolest t-shirt I’ve ever seen! The diagonal seams really give it a unique, edgy quality that is lacking from its conventional, energy-consuming, similar yet not the same, boring old normal tee-shirt friends. The Upshirt (as they call it) looks great and feels great so I feel very lucky to be able to use it for my own tee-shirt needs. This is just one concept of several that I am working with. Watch a short video by Cat Tyc which explains the Happy Worker concept/t-shirt in more detail. Cat Tyc is a documentary filmmaker and activist living in Brooklyn and focusing on subjects such as clothing swaps, sustainable fashion, consumer attitudes and behavior related to sustainable shopping, UNHAUL videos, etc.