Any Moment
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36″high x 48″ wide, 2012. Watercolor and water-based oils on canvas with found and made papers collage, framed in steel and sealed in resin.

this collage is about the potential for the mind and the observing self to be in harmony at any moment. The craggy rocks on the right, to me, symbolize the obstacles and challenges of life and of the mind. The more deliberately constructed left side reflects how we can creatively strive to get somewhere and to build something out of these rocks. This construction provides a foundation for the mind to identify with and therein resides its twin part, the observing self; this is shown as a line drawing of mirrored female figures (hard to see in the photo but not in reality), which are also floating in ambiguous space, that is – both air and water that are indistinguishable from each other.

The point is that the construction (what we build with our lives) is an illusory support to the mind: the figures are floating in a space that surrounds the construction and holds all of life. But from the viewer’s perspective, the construction is still worth something, it is still beautiful and interesting to look at, it still differentiates itself from rocks that have not been touched or shaped by desire and instinct.

Another point is that the figures are empty, they are threads around hollows and in any moment they can sink into the water air.

The colors of a soft sunrise are for me the colors of self-knowing and self-love, they recall a sense of freshness and renewal and possibility.

This is a picture of a feeling to come back to at any moment; at any second, it is there, when we can step away from the grip of ego. It is a picture of the potential for waking up or arrival, the experience of pure love. I was full of love and suffering and new realizations when I read it, so I think what came out was for me the beauty of accepting pain, as well as discovering that my construction — my art — could support me and help me but still in an ultimately illusory way. It doesn’t make it any less relevant. But the realization that I ultimately have nothing and am nothing is deep and that’s what this is about.

So it is a very personal piece but hopefully it is accessible for anyone who have come to a moment where they can feel how close they are to endless space and how far from the floating fixtures of obstruction and construction. This is an attempt to visualize that potential and you can’t see it until you know about it and then it is there for you in any moment.