Primal Media: "When You Align Your Values with Your Work, Amazing Things Happen"
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I’ve never posted about a webdesign firm before, but when I happened upon this site, I realized it’s long overdue: Web developers that are dedicated to sustainable and socially responsible business/causes are as instrumental in making positive global change as the non-profits and small business clients they represent. And this particular one, Primal Media really impressed me. They’re a very small team who nonetheless have offered clean energy grants to the tune of $50k for related web projects in Hawaii, they’ve made incredible sites for sustainable, American-made clothing from the founder of Tom’s of Maine, as well as for the African NGO, Rain for the Sahel and Sahara, which partners with nomadic tribes to educate their children, increase water access, and much more. These are just the two clients that caught most of my attention on their site. Mostly I was busy reading their own web pages titled, “making a difference,” “why you’ll love us,” and simply, “values” – all of which resonated with me enough to wish I had a reason to hire them myself. It’s not every day that you get super inspired just reading a webdeveloper’s marketing content. I’ll conclude with this sentiment which clinched it for me:

“We believe success is to give. That’s why we offer development grants for NGO and NPO projects. We’re members of 1% for the Planet. We consistently over-deliver on every project. Maybe that’s why we have so many long term clients.”

If you need web design and fit their client profile – look no further. I’m betting they’ll make you real happy. Thanks Cheri, Adam, and Tyler for being good in so many ways!