Postcard for My Show at Delurk Gallery, a New Cooperative Space in Winston-Salem
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I’m very excited about this wonderful new space in the Winston-Salem arts district! DeLurk Gallery is funded by a local art appreciator, and a group of seven very talented local artists are running it cooperatively, bringing a tremendous variety of creative vision and warmth to this emblem of  idealism for the community. I stumbled upon it accidentally (looking for an art supply store actually) but was instantly drawn to the space. I’m thrilled to get a show there so soon. In addition to showing my collages I’ll cover three interior columns in knitting and showing a video of a social design project I was part of. I’ll give a closing presentation on this as well,  and it’s a great honor for me to tell people about this project. It’s also inspiring for everyone to hear, so a total win-win, and I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully even art lovers from neighboring cities will come check it out because it’s a great gallery that needs/merits a lot of support and North Carolinians are very good about taking advantage of the relative proximity of so many separate scenes. I’m hoping to get some t-shirts made as well, just to round it off. Stay tuned for more details.