My First Yarnbombing! Decorating Giant Cement Planters for the Community
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This past Saturday morning I yarnbombed seven cement planters around the corner from my house in Carrboro with the help of several friends. It was part of a city-approved project called Yarnboro, and several other knitted creations were installed nearby at the Century Center, Town Hall and the Farmer’s Market. I’ve never done this before and it wasn’t easy, but I’m very glad to have had the experience and the community seems ecstatic about the results. I’d love to get permission to paint the planters as a more permanent solution to their massive drabness – they line a municipal parking lot on a busy street next to a great coffee shop and across from a very nice restaurant yet this patch of real estate was just a huge expanse of gray and beige. The knitted “tube tops” will only be up for a month – let’s hope I can get the go ahead on a paint job to keep the new look going.