How about Clean Water for Thanksgiving?
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It’s the night before Thanksgiving and while writing a friend I got on the subject of meaningful work and remembered that access to clean drinking water is the number one health/survival issue in the world yet I’ve done nothing about it in any way. So – this is a start, as well as the start of a new Thanksgiving tradition for me, to research a major humanitarian issue, raise awareness, and donate to a worthy organization that is making significant progress in alleviating the problem… because to me, true gratitude isn’t real as just a feeling, it’s got to be an act — of giving and caring and asking others to care too. And there are so many things to care about of course, but this is really the most basic, urgent one for the most people: according to, nearly a billion people lack access to clean water. I’d like to congratulate PATH for their excellent progress in developing a new household water treatment filter, in collaboration with a wonderful company, Seattle-based Cascade Designs. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. I hope everyone will read about your efforts and support them by donating or spreading the word so that one day we all can enjoy a Thanksgiving that is happy AND hydrated.