VisionDivision: Part of a New Architectural Wisdom that's Growing Slowly
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I’ve noticed (and blogged about) many architectural projects that push eco-friendly to¬† a whole new level. From MIT’s experiments with literal treehouse neighborhoods that grow and sustain themselves, to community schools¬†submerged into lush landscapes, proposals for “living architecture” vary in complexity, but they share a simple theme: building with nature –instead of on top of it — is the way of the future…even if it takes decades to do it.

The Patient Gardener, by Stockholm-based VisionDivision for Italy’s Polytecnico di Milano Campus, is another example of this architectural wisdom, and I am excited to see the effect that it has, though we’ll be waiting a while to find out. But in a world that seems addicted to speed, I’m grateful for these sensible pioneers who are digging deep and slowing down. If you can, take a second to check it out.