New Lamp Design
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Above is the initial drawing. Now that we are in the prototype phase, I have decided to do away with the scalloped edges of the shade to better compliment the base and avoid competing with it.

This is the two halves of the base just off the mold – they still have to be tapered, cleaned up and joined together. My very talented woodworking friend and co-collaborator, Mr. Paul Sykes, (check out his awesome wooden bike fenders at is responsible for the beautiful work. The bent plys are reclaimed Doug Fir that would otherwise be throw-away scrap pieces. We have a virtually limitless supply thanks to a local woodworking shop. At this point, I don’t know whether their consumption of Doug Fir is something to be concerned about or not, but in any case I am very glad to make use of their trash and turn it into something special.

The lampshade will be made of a treeless paper that is handmade by Nepalese people. The workers are paid certified fair trade wages by the distributing company (, which is located not too far away in Northern California.

And for the light source we are using an LED bulb. I will be updating the pics as the prototype progresses. There is a lot of interest in this design and the plan is to go into limited production eventually, but I want to take the time to set up an ideal manufacturing scenario. Rather than turn to a big, established manufacturer who won’t necessarily care as much as I do, I want to utilize independent woodworkers who really need the work. I may be able to set this up through the community workshop I work in, but I am still learning about all this. Very exciting!