Design Realities
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6″wide x 6″high x 3″ deep, I created this piece as a comprehensive example for my students when we were working on developing a personal visual language and artistic point of view. This was my first time ever to create a collage that wraps around all sides of a box. I really loved bringing collage into multiple planes in this way, but this aspect also holds  symbolic significance for me…in fact, for me the piece tells a story from my values and worldview. It goes like this:

Our modern material (commercial) culture can appear beautiful, inspired, magical (life-changing), exciting, glamorous, etc. In fact this desirable veneer confronts us on all sides, providing temporary sensational thrills in the form of products….but there is a dark side behind the excitement, and that is the millions of unseen impoverished factory workers whose toil makes it all possible. I represented this with an image of a brown woman hanging upside down in the shadows behind vines of flowers on the far right side panel of the collage.


I used this to explain to my students that this is my focus, this is what I care about and this art piece reflects that in my own visual vocabulary. I also used this, of course, to talk about the people behind the products we consume and why the world has got to take better care of them and improve the impact that our consumptive lifestyles have on them.